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Well roulette has met the final frontier. No not space, I mean the Internet, the final earthly frontier! Online roulette is pretty much exploding right now, as are most other casino games that have migrated into online casino software over the past five years or so. Just take Golden Palace Roulette as an example. There are many reasons people try out online gambling, the most obvious one being the fact that not many people can afford to fly to Vegas as often as they might like. Bringing real gambling online has many would be Vegas frequenters saving some money on plane tickets.

I've truly come to enjoy playing roulette online. It's virtually the same as playing in a real casino, and if you're a serious player it even holds some advantages. The casinos throw as much distraction as they can at you while you gamble. They feed you free booze, keep lots of mirrors around so you're never really sure where you are, constantly send beautiful girls walking by the table, clang coins and buzzers and bells and whistles all around you, all in a rather effective attempt to take your money in as smooth a way as possible. Playing online eliminates all but a few of these nasty distractions.

A great number of people prefer to play in a real casino of course, because all of the distraction is elegantly disguised as entertainment. And of course to many it is, the glitz and glamour of a Vegas casino can hardly be beaten. So you would expect that online roulette is more for those who like the game itself, but I've found many different types of people enjoy it right off the bat. I think the main reason for this is the fact that there is no intimidation factor, no dealers to make you nervous, no high rollers making you feel puny, no cigar smoke, and no worries about embarrassing yourself by making a wrong move. These may not seem like huge reasons, but actually, those are some pretty powerful negatives. Many friends I have hate cigar smoke so much they often find it difficult to find a table to play at in the casino. Countless others have never actually walked up to the roulette table, however much they would have liked to, because they don't know if they may do something wrong. So playing online roulette garners as much benefit to the new and inexperienced player as it does the serious one who is interested in the game more than the casino hoopla.

Most people who ask me about online roulette ask the same question. Are the odds the same playing online as playing at the casino? Well, if you've read our roulette odds page, you'll know that American roulette has a rather incontrovertible house edge and that certainly couldn't change. Unless a game has been blatantly fixed, you'll find you have as much success and failure at the online roulette tables as in the casino. The beautiful thing about playing online though, is the abundance of European roulette wheels available. Playing on a European (single zero) roulette table automatically cuts the house edge down to almost half of it's American cousin. This is by far the most convincing reason to play roulette online, unless you're lucky enough to have a European roulette wheel just down the street.

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