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Welcome to my humble home of online roulette knowledge on the internet. I’m the Roulette Guru, but you can call me George if you happen to call me. Now I know what you’re thinking, Roulette Guru? Do I think I know everything? Well I have been around, and Ive seen a lot in my years at casinos and playing online roulette. More than anything I’m good at asking questions, which makes me good at answering them too. If you look up the meaning of the word Guru, you’ll find it means "a trusted advisor". This sums it up well; I just hope to be able to help you out. So you can think of me as the guy to direct your online roulette questions to.

That said, I hope that whatever online roulette questions you have will be answered within the pages of this site before you even have to ask them. If not though, simply and I'll whip something up to help clear your mind. As your teacher, its my duty to give you all the knowledge I can, and when it comes to online roulette, Im the one with all the answers.

Ive tried to include lots of useful topics here on my site that relate to learning online roulette and casino roulette too. I also added some information regarding systems, and good roulette strategies. We cover what the odds are, take a look at the roulette wheel, of course we have a great free online roulette game. My aim is to let you work up the confidence to try out a real game of roulette for yourself, either at a land based casino, or online. Since you might be interested in playing from your computer I also have a page dedicated to online roulette.

Whatever you came here to learn, you won't have much trouble finding what you're looking for, and if you do, just so I can try to help you out. I want to make all my knowledge about online roulette available to those who want to learn from one of the best! Once youre through here, I encourage you to get out there and enjoy yourself!

I've compiled a list of current Roulette Tournaments. After you've read my roulette information, this is a great way to have some fun and maybe even win some money and Roulette gratuite.

Why Should You Consider JackpotCity Slots?

Nowadays it goes without saying that all online gamblers are looking for a secure online casino that will offer them a unique gambling experience. Since there is a lot of diversity we will find it pretty difficult to make a choice.

Out of the many options available we need to recommend the services offered by JackpotCity Slots for all Canadians. We are basically in front of an online casino that offers you more than just gambling because of the fact that they tailor their services to the specific needs of every player that will play. This means that many games are offered and it will be impossible not to find what you are looking for.

Out of all the games offered we need to recommend that you try the world renowned JackpotCity Slots that are created for Canadian players. You have many that you can choose from and most of them are connected with those dedicated for other countries through a progressive network. This basically means that if you are lucky you can win a few million dollars when hitting the progressive jackpot. Also, those that play Jackpotcity slots can also qualify for other bonuses and special promotions. This includes free trips and free money. If you decide to join you should know that you are going to receive a highly impressive welcome bonus of up to 0 for your first 2 deposits. Make sure that you read about that and that you take advantage of this attractive offer.

Reliable online poker rooms

There is nothing more unnerving for new online poker players than trying to decide where to play. With the vast selection of sites available online, from Poker Starts to Ultimatebet poker, there is good reason to be unnerved too. Just what site do you choose to play at? Each site offers vastly different interfaces and sign up bonuses so much of the choice may come down to personal preference. There is a way however to take much of the guesswork out of the equation.

A site such as, which focuses its efforts on the poker players of Canada, has a list of affiliate sites that have been tried and tested to extremely high standards. With comprehensive guides for each card room at your fingertips you would be well advised to read through them and see what kind of services are on offer at each of them. Your selection will have already been narrowed down to the best available options so all that is left for you to do is simply choose which your favorite from the bunch is.

When playing poker online it is just as important to be comfortable in your surroundings as you would in a normal casino or card room. Take some time to look through the features of a few poker rooms and see which one will make you feel most at home. This way you will be able to play your best game when the time comes to perform.

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